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Looking for Roommate! - Roommate Wanted/Needed

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September 18th, 2009

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09:59 pm - Looking for Roommate!
I've got a room in the Ghent area...need a roommate FAST!

Location: Just across the street from lots of restaurants (also, a Starbucks and a Dairy Queen), GameStop a minute or two walk away leading to more stuff, Post Office a ten-minute Walk away, Tidewater Community College a half-hour Walk away, Old Dominion University a half-hour Walk away in the other direction, Mall a 40-minute Walk away, Laundry a three-minute walk away, Downtown Norfolk a half-hour Walk away.

Cost: Rent is $940/m ($470/m per occupant)(it's rather large), water services included. I take care of gas, power, and cable internet, so you won't ever have to worry about that. I can take care of the internet and gas bills, and we'll split the power bill. Also, you get the Master's Bedroom.

Contents: Big Living Room, Dining Room (which, currently, is just an extension of the living room), electric stove with range, fridge, Big Room (You'll be getting the Master's Bedroom since all my crap is situated in my room rather nicely) that comes with a bed and body-size mirror. HDTV (a smaller one that I don't use anymore that you can have, which has a max resolution of 1080p), enough Rock Band Guitars and Drums to go around (seriously), enough PC speakers to go around (seriously), 1 restroom with shower, bath, toilet, and sink, air conditioner in your room ready to go (yes, I have a lot of that to go around as well), Wireless Printer in the living room, two power strips for all your geek items that need plugging in.

Also, I'm usually just in my room (yay college), so you won't be bothered by me. I also don't drink (unless it's wine at a restaurant, which rarely happens) so I will NEVER come back home a loud drunk. I also don't smoke, but if you do, there's a smoking area right outside at the fire escape.

Brandon Ave at Core Ave
Current Location: Norfolk, VA
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